Monday, 25 March 2013

[Percep-tion]@Katerholzig, berlin 19 th of april 2013

[Percep-tion] : Pinky and the brain are back again..

-Florian Meindl (flash records)
-Lake Powel (fenou, Lake people)
-Alexander Koning(percep-tion)
-Alex Rath(suena Hermosa)

-Cunt Cunt Chanel LIVE (Suena Hermosa)
Live Performance while he paints himself and his equipment.

-DADARA(amsterdam, holland)
-Jim Avignon(Berlin, Germany)

Live Painting together!!! and offcourse

-Beatunique (drum performance and wearable art)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Perception@Clubstalker,haarlem, Holland

our next event is coming up in Holland the 9 th of march!!

Pictures of the live performance By Kolja Kugler

perception@Kunsthalle, berlin

Very happy to announce that my first night at Kunsthalle, berlin is on 28 th of febr. 2013 ...Really nice people and one of the best locations..We have some very special performances planned like Bassplaying robots and Theater...
dj's Alexander Koning and Sander Baan.
Live performance by Kolja kugler and his Robots

perception@clubstalker, haarlem, holland

with dj Dimitri and Alexander Koning

Wandering around in berlin

flyer and posters of Perception at the Cube, berlin

art made by tvkillz

some of the live painters on the party

New Perception coming up at the Cube Berlin

some of the art that was made during the first perception party at Katerholzig

Perception posters in Berlin

Belin one of the painters on the stroke after party

One of the best Realistic painters in the world will als be performing live at the stroke openings party..BELIN(esp)


katerholzig by day and night!!
let the party begin..


another painting from sainer..The guy who made the artwork of the flyer..
more of sainers work here

some of the artists for the stroke after party..

Stroke afterparty@Katerholzig.Berlin by Perception